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Welcome to the official website of PLEE INFORMATION

Contact us0752-3165698

Focus on digital factory overall solution services

Data-driven operations/data-assisted decision-making/management to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Digital transformation of industrial manufacturing

Tailor-made to meet the wide range of management needs in the manufacturing industry
Is your business still experiencing...

Difficulty in controlling production progress

Manual work management is extensive, timeliness is slow, and data sources such as dispatch, process, personnel, and quality inspection are accurate.

Stopping work and waiting for materials often occur

When receiving the production task, will the warehouse materials be sufficient for production? If insufficient, will there be substitute materials?

Difficulty in production scheduling

There are many production orders, many personalized needs, many semi-finished products, difficult production scheduling, and difficult order delivery...

Production change challenges

It is impossible to deal with inserting orders, urgent orders, supplementary orders, additional orders, and canceled orders. It is difficult to manage production line materials and difficult to manage

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Our service

Professional service guarantee

① Team service

7 * 24-hour hotline

Information consulting

Remote troubleshooting

On site technical support services

② Quick response

Suggestion: Improve the system

Operation: Report error exception

Impact: Partial system failure

Urgent: The system cannot operate

③ Response time

Working days 5*8 (9:00-18:00)

Remote, 4-hour on-site service

Holiday 4-hour response service

Provides 8-hour on-site service in the area

④ Service cycle

Acceptance confirmation

After implementation and delivery

Provide operation and maintenance reports


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